Follow the product through the assembly line

Assembly lines are complex, hard to investigate, and the information flow is most often not transparent. Bottlenecks of such lines are hard to find and require knowledge from several disciplines. This master thesis is about the complexity abstraction of such production lines. The reduction of complexity should enable programmers and data scientists to better understand the system and inspire them for new ideas. The student should develop a generic interactive visualization, which can be used for various existing assembly lines.

The visualization should be used to investigate the production flow, bottlenecks, and other issues of the assembly line. Moreover, it should answer questions like rework, time spent, throughput, and many more. We are looking for an open-minded student with a passion for data visualizations.

Aufgaben und Ziele
  • Development of a generic interactive visualization in Angular
  • Visualization of the production flow (live and records)
  • Highlighting bottlenecks, jams, alarms, and other issues of an assembly line
  • Additionally prediction of the overall throughput
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Anstellung: Follow the product through the assembly line

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