STIWA Group Code of Conduct

Since its founding in 1972, the STIWA Group has built its entrepreneurial success on a stable foundation of core values. STIWA places its customers at the heart of its thoughts and actions, and the Group cultivates long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships with its regular customers. The Group plans to continue following this philosophy in the future as well.

The constant growth in past years and international expansion pose a wide range of challenges for the STIWA Group – not only commercially, but also in terms of social, political, and last but not least, legal matters. These complex conditions must be handled professionally, which is why the Group has decided to define a Code of Conduct. This Code sets out on paper the principles for responsible, lawful conduct. Together with the ethical principles and values, the Code of Conduct forms the basis for all of the STIWA Group’s business actions and decisions.