A good network with suppliers is essential for our company. We develop a good long-term partnership with established partners.

The purchase department of STIWA Group is responsible for communication with suppliers and for purchasing products and services. Our goal is high performance for a fair price.


Our target for quality is zero defects. Our suppliers follow quality management standards like ISO 9001:2008. Quality and logistical performance are measured by a standardized system. If relevant, we actively support our suppliers to improve their competencies by audits.

Become a supplier of STIWA Group

Contact us to get the forms and information.


  • Supplier contacts us
  • Supplier fills out the basic information form
  • Review
  • Information on further proceedings
Documents for suppliers


We need the following products for the construction of automation lines

  • Mechanic and pneumatics
    • Pneumatics
    • Linear technology
    • Gears
    • Bearings
  • Electrics, Controls
    • Servo drives
    • Motors
    • Sensors
    • Bus technologies
    • Construction of switching cabinets
    • Cabels
  • Technologies
    • Robots
    • Lasers
    • Measurements
    • Ultra sonic systems
    • Pulsed welding
  • Raw material
    • Aluminium
    • Tool steel
    • Sandcasting parts
    • Sheet folding

We need for our automotive products

  • Steel and steel pipes
    • Coils
    • Steel pipes
    • Round steel
  • Metal parts
    • Bearings and bushings
    • Cold extruded parts
    • Cast iron
    • Springs
  • Subcontracting
    • Surface treatment
    • Machining parts
    • Punched parts
  • Plastics
    • Injection molding
    • Rubber parts
    • Plastic pellets
  • Tool shop
    • Steel parts
    • Surface treatment
  • Others
    • Assemblies
    • Standard parts
    • Operating supplies (oil, grease, etc.)
    • Packaging
    • etc.

Strategic cooperation

Strategic cooperation levels

Our ultimate goal are strategic partnerships with our suppliers to ensure the growth target together.

We work with international top-suppliers in a cooperative and long-term oriented way with is based on collective strategies and visions.



Michael Fuchshuber
Purchasing automation machinery

+43 7674 603-266