Environmental Responsibility

Our Principles

  • The STIWA Group takes on responsibility for continuous improvement of energy efficiency, the use of energy and the energy consumption, the environmental compatibility of our products and processes as well as for the reduction of natural resources. At the same time we focus on a secure power supply according to prize and need.
  • Therefore we use energy- and eco-efficient technologies and we are at all sites partner to the society and to politics in shaping a socially and ecologically sustainable development.
  • Energy and environmental management is a management task which is constantly being developed and improved. We provide information and resources in order to achieve all corresponding strategic and operational objectives.
  • Highest premise is compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • The economical use of raw materials and resources as well as the prevention of any kind of waste are self-evident. Where avoidance is not possible an environmentally compatible return to the cycle of materials is ensured. Where possible, energy is recovered.
  • Energy efficiency and environmental compatibility starts in the R&D process. Among others by a resource-efficient product, production process and package design as well as by the selection of suitable suppliers.
  • The STIWA Group designs its products for maximum durability and strictly rejects a shortening of the service life by design (planned obsolescence).
  • We purchase energy-efficient products and services.
  • Every employee contributes to energy efficiency and environmental protection. Our environmental management representative coordinates the appropriate information and communication.
  • An open dialog with our partners and the society as well as clear information is important to us.
  • We pay attention to an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly transportation.
  • The performance and target achievement of the environmental management system is continuously monitored and reported to the senior management.
  • The ISO 14001 certification emphasizes the compliance with international standards.