Rheoshox ®

The smartest damping system in the world

Adaptive damping technologies
are the key to tomorrow’s mobility.


Be it road vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, power vehicles, or high-productivity vehicles: all kinds of vehicles should become smarter, safer and more efficient.

With Rheoshox®,we have redefined the term “adaptive damping”:

Our patented Rheoshox®damping system is not only smaller, stronger, and more efficient than other solutions, but it is also the most intelligent damping system in the market. It allows freely programmable damping curves and adapts its characteristics in real time - for a perfectly adjusted damping behavior in each and every situation.


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Rheoshox ®stands for


Response capacity
in real time

Excellent ratio
between performance and size

energy efficiency

Unmatched performance


The Rheoshox® damping system captivates with an unrivaled adaptability as well as excellent performance - for more safety, durability, and convenience in your products!

The patented design allows a better ratio between performance and size, outperforming any other adaptive damping system in the market.

Rheoshox® is not only smaller, stronger, and more efficient than other solutions, but it is also the most intelligent adaptive damping solution in the market.

A groundbreaking innovation


The combination of state-of-the-art MRF technology with our patented valve design increases the efficiency of the magnetic circuit compared to other MRF damping systems.

The result is higher performance at lower energy consumption and smaller dimensions outperforming other MRF dampers and all other adaptive damping systems by far.

Conventional adaptive damping curve:

Freely programmable Rheoshox® damping curve:

How does
the damping system work?


The Rheoshox®damping chambers are filled with magnetorheological fluid (MRF).

Inside the piston, there is a coil around the flow channel. Electric current induces a magnetic field which changes the viscosity of the liquid. The change in viscosity affects the ability of the piston to move along with the chamber.

By controlling the degree of change of the MRF in real time, we adapt the damping behavior of the whole system.


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Broadly applicable


Due to the maximum adaptability and versatility of our MRF technology, the Rheoshox ® damping system can be applied universally in various fields:

  • Mobility
  • Industrial machinery
  • Gym machines
  • Building industry
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming / VR

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