What is it all about?

Are you innovative and have an idea that you want to help shape the future with, but lack the resources to make it happen? Seize the opportunity and put yourself and your idea in the spotlight. We combine your idea with our existing know-how and create a real, innovative and sustainable product.

What exactly your idea is is up to you, as long as it can be realised with our product technologies.

If you are wondering which ideas are the most interesting and what criteria your idea will be judged on, please read the details.

About us: 

Innovative power and manufacturing expertise


As an internationally leading production and automation specialist, we offer own standardized technological know-how for all process steps - from the innovative product idea to the serial production of millions of units.

On the basis of selected product technologies - from laser welding and magnetorheological fluids to smart memory alloys - we develop innovative, cost-optimized, and top-quality product solutions with a clear added value for STIWA customers.

STIWA machinery is at the cutting edge of technology in milling, turning, eroding, and measuring. Combined with the 3D CAM programming system, we meet highest requirements in terms of optimum precision, tight tolerances, and speed.


Our comprehensive in-house machinery is ready for the following product requirements:

  • Automated machining centers
  • Sliding head and fixed headstock lathes
  • Single- and multi-spindle machines
  • Spline rolling machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Punching machines
  • Injection-molding machines
  • Eroding machines
  • Burnishing machines
  • Cleaning machines
  • Optical, tactile measuring machines
  • Automatic testing systems
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Component assembly

Contest procedure

1. Submit your idea

Submit a rough overview of your idea until February, 18th.

2. First evaluation

This is where the jury will evaluate your idea for the first time. You will receive feedback by e-mail.

3. Specification of the idea

This step applies to all those who have made it to the second round. Here you specify the idea. Initial concept drawings and CAD models can be submitted.

4. Second evaluation

The specified idea is evaluated here.

5. Award ceremony

The best three ideas are selected and awarded a prize.

Our coaches


Do you have questions about your idea or the submission process? Our coaches will be happy to help you and answer your questions.

Reinhard Pollhamer
Product management
Christina Offenzeller
Product innovation
Stefan Gehmayr
Business Development

Our prizes


1st place*


2nd place


3rd place

*If the project is pursued further, an individual cooperation agreement is concluded with the winner.

Evaluation criteria


The product must not be intended for the defence industry.


The product must be physically manufacturable (no software-only products).


There must be at least one clear USP: What problem does the product solve better than existing solutions on the market?


The production potential must be greater than 500,000 units/year. A market of e.g. 5 million units/year with a market share of 10% is realistic.


The product must be in a growth market or at least address an issue such as GreenTech, ageing population, etc. that will be relevant in the next ten years.


The product should consist mainly of metal, plastic and electronic components, although special materials may be included. Purely chemical products, pharmaceutical products and semiconductor production are excluded.


Not only is the idea itself judged, but also a degree of elaboration. For example, has attention been paid to market potential, unique selling proposition, technical feasibility, plausibility, etc.?

Our jury


The jury evaluates your idea according to predefined criteria and decides who goes through to the next round

Pay attention to new trends in the market and the needs of your customers and incorporate them directly into your product idea.

Reinhard Pollhamer
Jury spokesman
Product Management

Use the contest as an opportunity to come up with innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

Dominik Berger
Product Development

Put your idea to the test and get direct feedback from experts and peers.

Christina Offenzeller
Product Innovation

Make valuable connections, expand your professional network, and gain new perspectives at the innovation contest.

Stefan Gehmayr
Business Development

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