Advanced Products

From raw material to finished products

STIWA is the right partner when it comes to serial production. Experienced and equipped with know-how in important production technologies like laser welding, injection molding, punching and assembly. We have all relevant technologies for cost efficient and high quality production. The machine park of STIWA is ready for the production of your products.

We focus on the needs of the automotive industry. We produce high-grade products with extraordinary requirements on quality: the vertical integration ranges from pressing technique, cold forming with transfer tools or follow-on composite tools, injection molding and laser welding up to fully automated assembly of complete components.

We develop the automation software in-house which closes the loop from material logistics and process technology to quality assurance and high performance automation.

For an efficient production of high-grade serial parts and components it’s essential to manage development, process technology and production. Our strength are closed loops in-house which ensure fast reaction on changes.

Production Technologies

There are many reasons why STIWA is successful on dynamic markets. One is parallel development of product and process with methods like DoE (Design of Experiments) and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), another is the flexible automated high performance automation, a combination of CIM (computer-integrated manufacturing) and lean production.

Our strength is the production on high performance STIWA machines with assembly technologies combining shortest cycle time with high quality.

STIWA key competencies are:

  • Laser welding
  • Injection molding
  • Punching / stamping
  • Hardening by laser treatment, ultrasonic welding, vibratory finishing etc.

The quality of efficient high performance automation is based on the integration of these technologies in the production network, a total quality management and automated logistics.

STIWA is a competent partner from product design, creation of archetypes, prototypes and small series with partly automated manufacturing up to fully automated production on large assembly lines. The degree of automation grows parallel to increasing lot sizes. Your production benefits from the competencies of STIWA Group.

Precision tools for high performance production

Our in-house tool shop is specialized on planning, start-up, support and optimization of composite and transfer tools. The tools are applicable to presses with a capacity of 250t to 800t. Those presses run with STIWA software and punch precision parts of high-strength metal plates from 1mm to 6mm.

The high quality punching parts meet all requirements for automatic processing.  Lowest possible oiling level, clean edges and tight tolerances are just some of these requirements.

The punching process is part of the production process through our core competences in tool making. Tool making and protoyping are integrated in the production process and guarantee high process stability and long lifetimes.

New quality standards

Control of all processes is the key to high-quality production. First we need to knowwhy a process is required – before thinking about how to implement it. Beside assembly, STIWA has the know-how and experience to integrate technologies like laser welding, punching and injection molding in process quality.

With the help of mature software analysis tools high performance manufacturing gains a high basic quality. International certificates confirm high quality standards of our products and our management systems.

We not only meet high quality standards (e.g. of automotive sector) – we even set new standards for quality of production.

Business Solutions

Experience with various products


  • laser welded gearbox assemblies
    • shift forks, shift towers, parking lock components, …
  • laser welded steering assemblies
    • guide boxes, consoles, …
  • various assemblies made of metal, plastic, …

Supplier of high quality products


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