After Sales Service

Competence that inspires

Impressive expertise

Around the globe, STIWA customers are producing products on complex systems that meet the highest requirements.

We make every effort to impress our customers also in terms of service.

In order to meet the needs of our international customers in terms of productivity, efficiency and service life for their automation solution, we have organised our service offering relating to maintenance and operations into an After Sales business area. 

A consistent reduction in interfaces, the extensive know-how of our specialists and decades of experience guarantee an optimal and trouble-free operation of our high-performance Systems.

Services along the supply chain

Customer service

Communication with you as our customer is an important factor in after sales management. Our customer service includes:

  • Determination of customer requirements
  • Advice and support for applications and operating conditions of parts and components
  • Contact point for all technical customer inquiries relating to automation systems and STIWA products.
  • Advice on existing systems and equipment
  • Support during production with STIWA equipment
  • Analysis of your production systems to increase efficiency
  • Optimisation of processes and production runs

Replacement parts

We keep over 15,000 items in stock at STIWA for our customers. This way you can receive an operational component at any time and at the highest technical level which does not have to undergo an ageing process.

  • High-quality production parts through advanced manufacturing at STIWA
  • Personal contact person for the purchase of additional purchase components
  • Affordable purchase of additional purchase components via STIWA


To maintain the high productivity of STIWA systems, we offer our customers support contracts and guarantee first-class support:

  • Qualified technical advice for error analysis and correction of technical problems
  • Problem analysis by “remote access” is possible
  • Service technicians worldwide in a timely manner on-site

Hotline Standard (with/without support contract)
Within business hours (08:00 to 17:00 CET)

Hotline PLUS (with support contract)
Extended temporal availability of qualified contact persons (06:00 to 22:00 CET)

On-site service


Customer satisfaction and quality assurance for the equipment and components supplied, play an important role at STIWA. For this reason we offer our customers individual services with respect to system maintenance.

  • Maintenance contract
    • Annual inspection (service analysis) of your system by a qualified STIWA technician
    • Detailed listing of costs and scope of maintenance via the service analysis
    • Determination of the current state of your system in order to detect wear in a timely manner and repair it to avoid unplanned downtime.
    • Annual maintenance of your system based on a defined STIWA maintenance plan to ensure the perfect working condition of the System.


By this we mean all measures used to always keep STIWA systems up to date, with the goal of increasing system availability and ensuring productivity for the future.

  • Updating of system software, hardware components and mechanics
  • Renewal of parts and components that are no longer available on the market

Complaints and components repair

For components that are no longer operating at 100%, you can file your complaint claim with our service department. Even after expiry of the warranty, we accept repair and maintenance contracts to restore functionality.

  • Warranty processing of components and parts
  • Wear and error analysis and repair of components and parts
  • Detailed recording and documentation of all complaints and repairs for a continuous improvement process

Customer Training

Customer Training

Becoming more efficient with practical know-how: We offer individual training and suitable training courses on the following topics:


  • Operator Training
  • STIWA Automation Systems Basic
  • STIWA Automation Systems Advanced
  • Sustainable Operation of a Machine



  • Palettizing
  • Image Processing Basic
  • Electro-static Discharge Basic
  • Process Technology
  • Control Technology Basic
  • Quality Data Management STIWA Machine
  • TPD-Distributor – Process Adaption
  • TPD-Distributor – Process Integration




  • AMS ZPoint-CI Basis
  • AMS Analysis-CI Basis



  • AMS ZPoint-CI Advanced
  • AMS Analysis-CI Advanced
  • AMS ZPoint-CI/Analysis-CI Administrator
  • AMS ZPoint-CI/Analysis-CI New Features
  • AMS ZPoint-CI Integrator



  • AMS ZPoint-CI/Analysis-CI Workshop
  • Optimization Project


The detailed program can be found in our training catalog (see download).


Kurt Gruber
Head of after sales