Laboratory Automation

From an estimated diagnosis to the assured diagnostic finding

From an estimated diagnosis to the assured diagnostic finding

More than 50.000 samples per shift on fully automated laboratory assembly lines: we offer solutions for analysis performance on an industrial level.

Modular and scalable standards make our software suitable for medical laboratories of any size.

We optimize labs by software and mechanization. Additionally we create concepts for logistics and organization to increase efficiency. Physicians and patients receive their results fast and safely.

  • Cooperation with experienced partners from development up to appliance
  • Engineering and integration of technology
  • Closed process loops for durable solutions
  • Know-how advantage for regular customers


Software is the tool to control all relevant quality data parameters. This prevents quality problems within the analysis.

  • Control of the material flow during pre-analytics
  • Registration of the material
  • Workflow management for automated sorting
  • Order entry
  • Call Center
  • Material consignment

Logistics & Organization

Our solutions lead to an efficient workflow from orders and pre-analytics to handling of results.

  • Transport racks can be used for various tube sizes & types
  • Transport boxes ensure safe delivery
  • Organizational concepts on the level of industrial automation include all laboratory processes and associated technologies

We analyze all relevant data with qualified tools. Objective evaluations ease even the most complex structures of lab logistics.

Mechanization and automation

Selective mechanization optimizes processes and improves quality.

  • Automated material registration by image processing
  • Automated closure of sample material
  • Automated sample disposition and storage
  • Automated material disposal


Roland Wingelhofer
Head of Laboratory Automation