Competence through high vertical integration

STIWA competences include machining with a focus on milling, turning and EDM (electric discharge machining).
The high level of automation of the machines reduces set-up times at high supply availability. In-house programming, work preparation and production enable us to react fast. Your production benefits from our state-of-the-art machining center.

We reach low total costs and defined quality and our production is ISO certified.

Machining Technologies

State-of-the-art technologies

STIWA machinery is at the cutting edge of technology in milling, turning, EDM and measuring. Combined with the 3D CAM programming system, we meet our high standards for optimum precision, tight tolerances and speed.

Parts are produced by simultaneous machining on machine tools with high-performance technologies. Just push a button to get to the finished product from your drawing.


Single parts in serial-production quality

Prototypes differ from mass-produced parts at STIWA only by number, not by type of machining. They are fully programmable via the 3D-CAM programming system – already close to production.

Our integrated manufacturing concept on identical machines with unified tools, clamping devices and tools allows us to manufacture prototypes and single parts with comparable technologies. Due to flexible manufacturing prototypes can be produced at any time.

Serial Production

Machining center with availability guarantee

STIWA produces serial parts on automated high-performance machining centers  up to ~ 5,000 parts / year.

We optimize processing methods based on low volume parts to guarantee quality in serial production. Manufacturing in unmanned night shifts increases our overall flexibility for smaller lot sizes.

Take advantage of our core technologies: milling, turning, grinding and EDM (electronic discharge machining) for your production needs.

Mass Production

Our competencies for your requirements

Our special equipment produces large quantities of mass parts in short cycles for the automotive industry.

The assets of STIWA Group can handle batch sizes and capacities beyond 100,000 p/a. They currently consist of:

  • Lathes
  • Multi-spindle milling machines
  • Gear-rolling mills
  • Centerless grinders

We have the necessary competencies and production methods for your individual requirements and mass products – in combination with assembly technology.

Quality Assurance

Measurable quality

The quality assurance team is an integral part of the entire manufacturing process. Their task is to test and ensure the production quality.

The inspections and tests include automatic 3D measurements, manual measurements, material testing, and surface measurements. They are tailored to the requirements of the component.

With STIWA Group, quality assurance is integrated directly into the manufacturing process.


Dominik Pohn
Head of Machining Center


Christian Fuchs