Research & Development

New concepts for future success

New concepts for future success

From prod­uct idea to realization:
Our team works with mod­ern, com­put­er-aid­ed process­es to design new stan­dards for future products.

  • Improved func­tion­al­i­ty
  • Light weight products
  • Cost effi­cient production

Our sys­tems and process­es for high per­for­mance automa­tion are real­ized for tomor­rows products.

Mechatronic Systems

We’re keen on technology

STIWA devel­ops prod­ucts and com­po­nents for assem­bly lines. Prod­ucts and assem­bly lines have one thing in com­mon: they are both mecha­tron­ic systems.

We com­bine mechan­i­cal engi­neer­ing, infor­ma­tion tech­nol­o­gy and elec­tri­cal engi­neer­ing. Our team is capa­ble to devel­op all steps in par­al­lel. Let your pro­duc­tion ben­e­fit from our experience.


Solar Dis­play — self sus­tained opti­cal dis­play apparatus

Product Design for Automation

Tuned for future

Mod­ern prod­ucts go along with new man­u­fac­tur­ing process­es. Prod­ucts are devel­oped par­al­lel to their man­u­fac­tur­ing processes.

STIWA is your part­ner when it comes to high per­for­mance automa­tion. Com­put­er-aid­ed opti­miza­tion reduces mate­r­i­al and makes com­po­nents light weight­ed. The right process (laser weld­ing, join­ing, bond­ing, …) is cru­cial for an eco­nom­ic pro­duc­tion. We know exact­ly which process is the best for your products.

We offer inputs from basic devel­op­ment to mar­ket lead­er­ship of your products.

Process control technology

We devel­op and improve process­es — from basics up to usage in high per­for­mance automa­tion. Addi­tion­al input is cre­at­ed by close coop­er­a­tion with universities.

Qual­i­ty man­age­ment is nec­es­sary in order to con­trol process­es. Trans­par­ent process­es are the tar­get of our devel­op­ment. To assure our high qual­i­ty stan­dards, we need to know at any moment ‘what’s going on’ with the pro­duc­tion. This leads to effi­cient tech­nolo­gies which are under con­trol at any time even in a busy pro­duc­tion environment.