E-Mail: Support Automation
Technical Support Hotline: +43 7674 603-8600
Fax: (+43 7674) 603-214

E-Mail: moc.a1558271891wits@1558271891SU.tr1558271891oppuS1558271891
Technical Support Hotline USA: +1 (980) 345 9897
8:00am – 5:00pm EDT

E-Mail: moc.a1558271891wits@1558271891NC.tr1558271891oppuS1558271891
Technical Support Hotline China: +86 513 8907 5888
8:00 – 17:00 CHINESE TIME

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Technical support of STIWA Automation GmbH.

Teamviewer QuickSupport


Teamviewer QuickSupport Modul for our clients to get technical support by remote access. If you wish technical support of our staff by remote access, just download this little software. Once you’ve started Teamviewer you can tell us your connection id and password to start the securely encrypted remote session.

Remote Maintenance Software STIWA Advanced Products GmbH

Once the connection data has been entered, you can download the client here  .

To start the client directly in the browser window, click on the button below after entering the connection data. Transferring files is not possible.

Software support for manufacturing software

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E-Mail: Support Manufacturing Software
Support-Hotline: +43 7236 33 51-9020
Fax: +43 7236 33 51-9011

Support hotline of STIWA AMS GmbH for software support concerning manfacturing software.

Software support for laboratory automation

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E-Mail: moc.a1558271891wits@1558271891robal1558271891.trop1558271891pus1558271891
Support Hotline Laboratory Automation: +43 7236 33 51-9090
Fax: +43 7236 33 51-9011