Big data in industry – connectivity and analysis of large data volumes lend companies a competitive edge

Big data in industry – connectivity and analysis of large data volumes lend companies a competitive edge

May 30, 2018

Big data remains a hot topic in 2018, so we would like to highlight some practical examples in this article. It also gives us great pleasure to announce that we have been honored with the Pentaho Excellence Award for our work in this exciting field.

Topic overview

Machine output and operating status along the same timeline

To provide a complete picture of the machine output and machine availability, a corresponding timeline chart showing operating status can be displayed under the machine output. Existing dashboards can be easily and conveniently enhanced with the new feature.

It is visible at a glance whether the displayed reduction in machine output is planned or unplanned and what operating statuses it resulted from. The familiar drill-down functions for detailed analysis are naturally still available.

Further details

A new feature – the energy dashboard

Use the data for implementation of ISO 50001 or generate a unit cost calculation on the basis of your actual energy consumption! We help you attain your energy targets by enabling energy data to be linked with plant and machine data or product and process data.

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Collaborative analysis

The causes of any problems with manufacturing machinery and processes are analyzed by a manufacturing engineer. Often specialists are consulted to analyze the situation in depth. By sending a link, other disciplines can be integrated and joint analysis steps can be discussed across different fields. Specific measures are then defined on that basis for each field. Media gaps are eliminated by transfer of analyses (e.g. as a screenshot or as a .xls, .csv, or .pdf file) – shortcomings of the waterfall model are fully overcome by use of AMS Analysis-CI, with all those concerned having seamless access to the specific analyses and their results.

Further details

Integration of data into existing dashboards

Do you already have a management or manufacturing dashboard in use and would like to add manufacturing data?
That is no problem with AMS Analysis-CI, since it enables all generated analyses to be conveniently integrated into an existing standard tool. The data are automatically updated on a periodic basis as required (the time interval can be configured) without the user having to take any further action, ensuring that decisions are made on the basis of up-to-date, consistent data.

The integration of data for the shopfloor is similar. There are numerous options for display of manufacturing indicators, whether directly on the human-machine interface, on andon boards, or on mobile devices. That means individual reports or whole dashboards can be integrated and accessed as desired. The key indicators are available wherever and whenever they offer real benefit to the user.

Further details

Comparison of the configurations of similar machine objects

With the AMS ZPoint-CI Suite 1.16, no stone is left unturned.

It enables the convenient comparison of configurations at the module level (as well as comparisons between machines) using AMS FIT-CI. Simply select the reference objects and the object types for the comparison. A detailed overview of the actual values and the reference values is generated.

To document the status, the comparison can be exported as a table. Alternatively, adjustment of the deviating objects can be launched straight away, with direct access to the object concerned from the comparison chart. That enables the targeted identification and effective comparison of deviating configurations.

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