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Software for Production and Automation

Efficient, transparent,
fully digital


STIWA machines - are integrated overall systems from one source that are designed to be sustainable. For our customers this means - across the entire operation cycle and for the following generations beyond that - a clear advantage in terms of changing requirements and related costs.

The central STIWA software architecture allows for development of various machine concepts along the entire value chain from engineering to after sales. Simultaneously the collected product data and production data are systematically detected and networked.


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Optimization throughout the
entire machine life cycle


Consistent analyses - from a sensor signal to the Cloud or from the snap-shot within millisecond range to the year trend - are the base for continuous optimization during the entire machine life cycle. By using artificial intelligence (KI) and machine learning, we achieve great user-friendliness while minimizing error sources at the same time.

What distinguishes us

Fast responsiveness

to recently changed demands

Short realization times

because of interdisciplinary and software products adapted to the respective domains.

Open system interfaces

to add your own high-quality solutions

From practice for practice


Based on the many years of know-how from our digitalized and high-standardized mechanical engineering, combined with our own manufacturing experience we fully cover the requirements of modern industry 4.0-production - from practice, for practice.


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Open CI


STIWA software solutions are based on more than 50 years of experience in automation, as well as 30 years of production experience. STIWA software development started its path to success 1992 in Hagenberg and today provides its customers with intelligent software solutions along the entire value chain. Our platform based performance portfolio allows us accurate and individual implementation of existing software solutions and the possibility to expand our performance at any time optimally and uncomplicated.

This way we can sustainably increase efficiency and productivity of our customers.

Short start-up times &
achieving high quality standards


During the assembly of a STIWA machine a digital twin of the machine is created, meaning a consistent and uniform data base across all areas, from engineering to start-up. The data recorded during the project planning phase (PPR, BML-CI) is already used for the automatic creation of hardware plans, software components and parts of machine documentation.

Quick reaction to new demands are guaranteed due to a modular SPS-framework. This framework, which is available as a modular design and own created programming tools (GML-CI) put the software development into the position to quickly realize new features and technologies, to comply with the high quality standards of STIWA machines and realize short start-up times.

Along with optimization of current production, the digital twin of the machine provides other useful information. For example deviations in the production process that still lie within the scope of the specification but negatively influence the life cycle of the product can be detected early and be optimized.

Remote analyses

High transparency even via online remote analysis

Active error monitoring

Deviations from the target time are essential indicators for future error events

Active error indication

Therefore our systems even detect errors that lie hidden based on standardized solutions and actively display them

Predictive maintenance

Via the data from digital damages Predictive Maintenance Projects can be realized optimally

This is your benefit


Reduce ramp-up time by 30%


Increase OOE by 10%


Standardization and monitorization of processes


Networking of material up to the end product or of the sensor up to the cloud


Right information at the right place


for past, present and future


by KI and machine learning


100% Upstream and Downstream Tracing


Complete machine-, operation- and quality data acquisition

Years of proven utilization
of software products with immediate use


The years of successful collaboration with Beckhoff and the software architecture for networking and analyzing our machines that has emerged from it makes us to what we are today: technologically leading in networked high performance automation.

The requirements to our control systems are taken into account by Beckhoff during development and ensure state-of-the-art automation technology in the future as well.

The production of the future is networked and fully automated. To stay sustainably successful, production companies have to produce at the limit of what is technologically possible and have to be able to process complex parts with new and integrated technologies in short set-up cycles process reliable. We deliver the necessary solutions so efficient production becomes a certain occurrence.

Alexander Meisinger
Head of Customer Success Management

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