Component Assembly

Highly automated, digitized, standardized

The decisive factor for the efficient production of high-grade assembly modules is the comprehensive mastery of development, process technology, and production.

Many years of interaction between an innovative product design and the early integration of STIWA Automation allow STIWA Advanced Products to implement a perfect adjustment of the manufacturing processes, the test processes, as well as the necessary level of automation.

Thus we achieve adequate production concepts ensuring the best possible quality and business results.

STIWA Advanced Products produces for you all over the world - meeting absolutely identical high-quality production standards.


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STIWA component assembly stands for

Full technology integration

into the assembly process

Fully automated

end-of-line tests

Shortest feedback loops

between development, manufacturing, and component assembly

Scalable production

in relevant markets at identical production standards

comprehensive integration


Apart from assembly technology using high-performance STIWA machines to manufacture products with high and verifiable quality at very short cycle times, STIWA Advanced Products has many years of know-how in integrating technologies such as laser welding, punching, and plastic injection molding in process quality into the manufacturing process in addition to assembling.

The integration of these technologies into the production network, a holistic quality management, and automated logistics ensure the basic quality for efficient high-performance production.

Production can begin at the stage of a development environment and then grow, according to volume requirements, via a starting stage to full expansion.


  • Innovative approaches
  • Standardized, scalable development process
  • Interdisciplinary, agile development


  • Highly automated and digitized
  • Short cycle times
  • Highest quality standards and mastered processes


  • Broad technology portfolio
  • Adequate solutions for each lot size
  • Many years of experience

Product examples

Combination parts


  • Large quantities
  • Short cycles
  • Required internationally
  • Production in the clean room

Flap assembly


  • Ultrasonic joining connection
  • Short cycles
  • High type variance

Switch assembly


  • High number of individual components
  • Durable product
  • Full automation

We set quality standards

We use well-engineered software analysis tools and test equipment as we consider aspects like quality and process capability as a basic quality of our high-performance production.

International certificates confirm once again the highest standards regarding the quality of our products and our management system.
To meet the necessary cleanliness requirements, it is only natural that STIWA Advanced Products produces in cleanroom and/or controlled environments at all its locations.

We'll be glad to inform you about our technology-optimized and minimum-cost production of your future products.


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