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Our Values

The foundation of our corporate culture

Since its foundation in the year 1972, STIWA Group builds its corporate success on a solid foundation of values.

The value system of the company composes of five core values: The main focus is on entrepreneurial thinking and acting flanked by partnershipinnovationquality and sustainability.

They describe the principles of conduct for collaboration of all employees within a corporate group, as well as towards our customers and business partners and serve as decision support for appropriate behavior in day-to-day business, in order to ensure the integrity of STIWA Group as well as its employees sustainably.

thinking & acting

  • We invest in training & further education of our employees.
  • We place sustainable overall success above short-term pursuit of profit.
  • We take action upon detecting chances or problems, despite them not being in our field of activity.
  • We take responsibility for our decisions and actions.
  • We derive our actions from clearly understood goals.


  • We value personal, respective interactions with one another and with our customers.
  • We work closely together in teams.
  • We talk openly to each other and look for pragmatic solutions taking the “short track”.
  • We treat all employees and partners fairly.
  • We enable everybody to develop their full potential.
  • We support employees in difficult situations.


  • We actively deal with future challenges.
  • We make new technologies industrially applicable to open up new chances for our customers.
  • We provide space, time and money for innovation.
  • We demand all employees to participate in our constant improvement.
  • We continuously compile new knowledge and always learn from one another.



  • We don’t do dirty business.
  • We strive for minimization of harmful effects on our environment and use resource-conserving methods of production.
  • We commit ourselves to exclusively manufacture products for peaceful purposes.
  • We cultivate our regional roots and support projects in the surrounding area.
  • We promote our sites through the most possible regional added value.


  • We combine the power of change with consequent quality awareness.
  • We work in transparent processes.
  • We monitor the effectiveness of measures and close control loops.
  • We maintain an open handling of mistakes and criticism.
  • We pay attention to encompassing industrial safety.
  • We fulfill international standards.

Compliance - Code of Conduct of the STIWA Group


As a corporate group that is internationally successful in the fields of automation, manufacturing and software we stand for future oriented developments as well as innovative products and services.

This high demand for quality and innovations we not only integrate in our daily actions, it also applies to our behavior towards business partners and employees.

Ing. Mag. Gerhard Hannerer
Compliance Officer STIWA Holding GmbH

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