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Extended range of services: New standards and total transparency with STIWA Shopfloor Software

When it comes to service, STIWA also sets the highest standards. Previously optional services are now included as standard in the service package.

When it comes to service, STIWA also sets the highest standards. Therefore, previously optional services will be included in the service package as standard. This enables a comprehensive solution without additional costs.

STIWA attaches great importance to offering its customers maximum transparency, which is essential for efficient production processes. At the same time, the customer's independence and flexibility are maintained. All services are offered fairly and without hidden monthly costs.

A new category has been added to the existing Shopfloor MONITOR, Shopfloor OPTIMIZE and Shopfloor CONTROL product groups: Shopfloor CONNECT. With Shopfloor CONNECT, STIWA creates a solid basis for data collection, while at the same time promoting technological independence. The platform already supports all current communication standards and is constantly being expanded to include new standards in order to meet the technological requirements of the future.


  • MONITOR your Shopfloor
  • OPTIMIZE your Productivity & OEE
  • CONTROL your Production
  • CONNECT your OT & IT


STIWA's innovative solutions in the area of Shopfloor CONNECT can be used in a variety of ways and include not only machine control systems, but also all process devices in the future. This makes a significant contribution to process reliability and quality by providing customers with comprehensive control of all production data.

In addition, this is also a central part of the new training formats that are offered by STIWA Software. The training courses of STIWA Software offer an ideal platform both for the explanation of product innovations and for the facilitation of a dialogue. Participants will be able to respond appropriately to business changes and maximise their benefits. Interested parties are cordially invited to take advantage of this opportunity and plan their training: Customer training

The STIWA team will be happy to provide you with further details. We look forward to hearing from you!


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