Digitalization partner
for buildings

Energy-efficient buildings, maximum flexibility

30 % more energy-efficient production buildings,
maximum flexibility


Through intelligent networking of your production machines, logistics, building technologies and energy systems we are able to reduce total energy costs by up to 30%, while simultaneously increasing productivity. In addition, we are promote independence from gas and oil through the use of waste heat.

Based on years of experience with companies in the production industry, we realize an optimal production environment today in individual projects as well as in cooperation with exporting companies or general contractors in construction. The integral planning from the start of the project to its acceptance and guidance during running operation ensure that the set goals can be reached together.

The company building
as a machine

We see your building as a machine – aiming to optimize efficiency. Together we design optimal operating procedures and holistically develop the building from the inside out.

Throughout the implementation we rely on control across all disciplines based on Beckhoff, as well as many years of reliable cooperations in architecture, subject and project planning. It is our goal to create an environment that increases the productivity of our customers, and at the same time significantly reduces the use of resources like personnel, materials, and energy.

This is your benefit


for total energy costs

& the use of waste heat as an alternative to fossil heat sources


across all disciplines


Energy, logistics and process engineering


of all material and energy flows


Energy cost reduction by -25% during running operation


for environmental funding / decarbonization / energy audits

From planning
up to optimization


STIWA building automation accompanies from energy, logistical and process engineering in the planning phase up to the continuous optimization during running operation of all production steps in the realization of your work environment. We make your company building efficient and fit for the future.

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