Preanalytical Order Management

Digitization for rapid form sheet clarity

Efficient document digitization for laboratory samples:
LabScan optimizes the workflow.

LabScan digitizes both handwritten and machine-generated paper documents for sample collection, identifies senders and insurance companies and transmits data to the laboratory information system. This saves costs and prevents errors.

A comparison with registered samples ensures correct assignments so that patients receive their results more quickly. LabScan provides clarity about orders and enables reliable analysis through ongoing plausibility checks.

It optimizes processes where correct results are crucial: in the recording of all laboratory documents.


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Automated digitization of all form sheets

For efficient and fast order processing

Handwriting recognition

Efficient text recognition for precise laboratory requirements and results

Centralization of non-conformity handling for form sheets

For cost-efficient, time- and quality-optimized order management

Creation & management of form sheets

Quick and easy creation and customization of sender forms

User-friendly system for maximum digitization

Easy to learn and use

Dynamic order processing

For the fastest possible order clarity

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Paper orders per workstation and hour

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per order from the scan to the laboratory information system

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Training period for new employees


Double processing offers the possibility of significantly increasing the quality of data entry. Orders are submitted twice for recording. Both entries are made with the same initial situation, the raw data from automatic detection. The two entries are compared and any differences are displayed to the second person entering the data. Central evaluations of the quality of the recording are also carried out. Double processing can be enabled according to various criteria:

  • Short, subsequent and full recording
  • Input fields: Barcode, patient data, procedure
  • Orders: Queue, sender, document type
  • Recorder: first person, second person

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