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As part of the globally active STIWA Group with more than 2,400 employees, the motto "Turning Ideas into successful solutions" is applied to the critical core processes of medical laboratories: "We digitize and automate preanalytical order and sample management for medical laboratories!" We focus on preanalytics, the area that has the greatest impact on a cost-effective laboratory process today.


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The Preanalytics Loop visualizes how non-conformities can be detected early and permanently eliminated through digitalization and automation. These errors usually occur during the sample collection process. With our systems, these errors are not only detected and processed, but can also be eliminated permanently.

This ultimately allows valid order data to be transmitted to the laboratory information system and the samples to be processed further in the diagnostic laboratory automation system without any problems:


Automated digitization of form sheets, one-step sample registration and provision of valid order data to the laboratory information system (LIS).


Detect preanalytical errors with proven systems, solve them as far as possible and eliminate them in a sustainable and cooperative way with the laboratory customers.


Process valid order data and existing sample material in the preanalytical phase to minimize laboratory turnaround time.


Using sample, order, and process data to cost-effectively reduce preanalytical errors and provide maximum visibility into the diagnostic process.

Our products

LabScan Order management system

LabScan offers a solution to one of the biggest problems in the preanalytical laboratory sector: paper-based laboratory form sheets. LabScan provides automated support for scanning and interpreting the form data and then sends it to the LIS.


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LabFlow Workflow management system

LabFlow supports your laboratory in checking sample quality in order to filter out deviations from the laboratory standard - so called nonconformities. This ensures order clarity and saves time and money.


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LabReport Data management system

LabReport improves laboratory operations by intelligently aggregating information to quickly and accurately deliver the key results needed for operational and strategic preanalytical planning. Sample turnaround time is significantly reduced and the technology provides new ideas to further improve workflows.


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Proven in the field

Our digital solutions for preanalytical laboratory automation are successfully used by more than 80 laboratories and their partners.

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The "bottleneck" of preanalytics can be resolved and even accelerated by our automation solutions and laboratory-specific configurations. And that for 100 % of all samples!

Roland Wingelhofer
Head of business unit
STIWA Preanalytics

We enable cost-efficient and employee-friendly optimization of preanalytics. This has a positive effect on the entire diagnostic process and therefore on the service quality of the laboratories!

Christoph Rampetsreiter
Head of New Business and Sales Management
STIWA Preanalytics

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