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We illustrate processes that take place in a medical laboratory, according to industrial standards - from the arrival of sample material and analytics to disposal. We design the processes standardized, independently from the manufacturer for all laboratory systems more transparent, faster and scalable.

All logistical processes in the laboratory are fully covered with our systems as well as preanalytical processes optimized and supported. We are the specialist for these complex requirements.


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We are digitalization partner


In current practice 20% of samples cause 80% of the time effort in laboratory processes. A high labor cost, reduced quality in sample processing and higher costs in the overall process and are associated with this.

We want to achieve resolving these highly complex 20% of sample cases to relieve the personnel and connect medical knowledge in standardized software. Our goal is a fully digitalized laboratory process – independent from the size and utilization of laboratories.

Addition to
classical LIS systems


STIWA laboratory solutions can be understood as addition to the traditional laboratory-information-systems (in short LIS), which are used for the administration of data and the support of work processes in laboratories.

Due to many years of collaboration with LIS manufacturers, we possess profound process know-how with which we offer our customers a deciding competitive advantage.

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Our solutions can be implemented in every laboratory independently from the manufacturer.

Standard interfaces enable a connection to preexisting software systems.


All steps can be traced, from the entire sorting process to archiving and disposal to the subsequent reporting via Track & Trace.

This enables optimization throughout the entire process - such as the shortening of the transit time.


A new short-term order, that requires the integration of addition analyses procedures?

Thanks to standardized processes, the STIWA solutions are consistently scalable and immediately adapt to new basic conditions. Independently from the size and utilization of the laboratories - we grow alongside.


Every problem, no matter how complex, can be handled with our processes/systems.

The laboratory process and the solutions necessary are viewed holistically.


Easy “Plug-and-Play”-solutions enable a fast and comprehensive insight into the system - the employees are trained after two hours.


Standstills can, apart from considerable costs, especially endanger available sample material.

Our 24/7-support assures rapid help in case of emergencies.

Our know-how


We help our customers to get more efficient - in this we are experts.

With the workflow management system LabFlow we solve software-controlled complex cases in the laboratory process and therefore are contact persons for manufacturers of preanalytical devices and provider of preanalytical automation or LIS-system manufacturers alike.

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