Preanalytical Data Management

Fully data-driven for optimized laboratory processes

Efficient process optimization in the laboratory:
LabReport for transparent analyses and targeted improvements.

LabReport combines information, visualizes key figures and optimizes preanalytical processes. It enables targeted improvements, such as training, for a better way of working in preanalytics.

LabReport allows you to keep track of the sample flow, the rapid transmission of data and the information required for ongoing efficiency improvements.

Through digitalization and automation, LabReport sustainably optimizes processes and simplifies sample clarity for long-term efficiency.


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Automated display of sample and order status

For sustainable dynamic sample workflows and minimized personnel workload

Turn-around time of order processing and sample flow

For efficiency measurements and benchmarking

Automated creation of error lists

For quick clarification of non-conformities of the desired laboratory standard

Traceability of sample and order data

For efficient resource planning

User-friendly interfaces

Easy to use and understand

Dynamic order processing

For the fastest possible order clarity

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Support for certifications and laboratory accreditations

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Support for targeted training of general practitioners and clinics

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Support for sustainable process optimization


The collected pre-analytical data can be transmitted via customer-specific interfaces at defined times for central storage and evaluation in a customer's respective data warehouse. The creation and, if necessary, adaptation of these interfaces will be explained in more detail in a personal consultation.

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