Preanalytical Sample Management

Automation of sample registration & sorting

Automated registration and sorting of laboratory samples: quick and easy with LabFlow.

With our innovative workflow management, we are shaping the future of pre-analytical sample logistics.

LabFlow adapts flexibly and dynamically to specific laboratory requirements. Together with your laboratory systems and cost-efficient automation solutions, we help to speed up the processing of your samples and make laboratory results available even more quickly and transparently.

The main goal of any laboratory is to provide high quality laboratory tests to patients quickly, cost-effectively and error-free. LabFlow uses technology and automation to identify problems with sample material at an early stage and solve them sustainably. This shortens waiting times and increases the quality of the results.


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Automated registration and sorting of all laboratory samples

For efficient laboratory-specific sample flows

Digital sample management

To fulfill required laboratory tests with existing sample material

Centralization of non-conformity handling in the sample flow

For cost-efficient, time- and quality-optimized sample management

LIS and diagnostic middleware communication

All aspects of sample registration, sample sorting and test order status

User-friendly system for maximum automation

Easy to learn and use

Dynamic sample cloning

For laboratory-specific optimization of the sample workflow

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Reduction of non-conformities

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Reduction in total turnaround time

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Faster completion of the peaks


Any special rules for senders/practices can be mapped in both LabFlow and LabScan. This can be done via a simple configuration. For complex topics, quick customer-specific programming can be carried out outside the release cycle.

Examples of this are:

  • Cloning of samples
  • Prioritization in distribution
  • Warning and information texts (e.g.: samples from the sender must be frozen)
  • Individual archives and archiving duration
  • and much more

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