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Global employee development

STIWA places great emphasis on the development of its employees, for example through its international expat and training programs.

With locations in China, the USA and Germany, STIWA offers those who are interested in the opportunity to gain valuable international experience and drive their professional development.
Expat programs give employees the chance to work at a different company location for a certain period of time and gain intercultural skills in the process. This not only provides them with a unique opportunity to explore the
world, but also promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration between STIWA subsidiaries. In addition, STIWA offers special training programs aimed at promoting the development of its employees. These programs offer comprehensive vocational training, mentoring and the opportunity to work on exciting projects.
STIWA is convinced that international experience and fresh ideas strengthen the company and support employees in their professional growth. „Knowledge exchange is particularly valuable for us. With our exchange
programs, we can gather valuable engineering knowhow and contribute to creating a global community of experts,“ STIWA Automation Managing Director Michael Fuchshuber emphasizes.

STIWA-internationals report

„After two years back home, I missed the challenge of discovering new things. In China, there are a lot of challenges. You grow and learn a lot of new things. So as I was given this opportunity a second time and because I also had exciting job prospects, I decided to take this step again. My goal is to gain a lot of knowledge and skills over the next few years that will be beneficial in my new job and for the company.“

Michael Göller (AT), project manager after sales,
spent about four and a half years as an expat in China. Two years after returning back home, he was thrilled to return to the China location in Nantong in August 2023.

„I‘m looking forward to the opportunity to dedicate a few years to learning new technical skills and improving my existing ones. I have always been interested in my field of work, even before I started working for STIWA. Therefore, I am willing and motivated to acquire all the knowledge I can get.“

Jack zumBrunnen (USA), SPS programming,
will start his two-year training as part of the Engineering Leadership Development Program (ELDP) in January 2024.

„I think everyone should take advantage of an opportunity like this, because you can only benefit from it. You get new contacts, visit new places and get to know different cultures. Of course, it can be difficult at the beginning of the training program because you don‘t know anyone yet. Still, if it doesn‘t work out at all, you can always go back home.“

Anton Wiens, design engineer,
moved from Burbach near Wilnsdorf in Germany to Austria and has been working in Attnang-Puchheim since October 2022.

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