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STIWA goes #Vienna - Interview with the new team leader

STIWA opens a new location in Vienna on April 1, 2022. Our collegue Rene Weidlinger will take over the management.

STIWA opens a new location in Vienna on April 1, 2022. Our collegue Rene Weidlinger will take over the management. In the future, he will  be an important link to the teams in the other locations of our software business field in Hagenberg and Attnang. In the following interview, he talks about how he understands his role as a team leader and what makes software development at STIWA special:


Why is STIWA going to Vienna?

We are in the fortunate position that our services and software products are highly demanded by our customers. But this also means that our customers are turning to us with new and exciting challenges. With an office in a central location and good accessibility in the middle of Vienna, we are confident to attract new and unique talents to our company.


What is important to you Rene, as the new team leader for Vienna, in forming the new team?

In sailing jargon, one speaks of VMG (Velocity made Good), that means reaching the goal together in the direction of the wind at the ideal speed. The right equipment and the cooperation in the team are decisive for reaching the target. Through various regattas I know and appreciate it when team members are properly deployed and can develop their full potential with as much fun as possible.

About the team composition: I am a career changer myself and came to my "vocation" in the IT sector in a rather roundabout way much later. My first docking point at STIWA was in development and later in software innovation - with the freedom to change existing things, try out new technologies and test innovations. This innovative spirit will be our motto in Vienna too.


To achieve a high “VMG”, a good ship is also required. STIWA offers us the right framework. With home office, joint events, further training, mentoring and support in the company, we can start the regatta as a team.


How would you describe your role in the team?

To stay in the sailing world, the skipper. A skipper is obviously at the helm, but basically he is more concerned with organizing maneuvers and executing the navigator's route. He orchestrates his team, keeps an eye on the overall goal, and makes sure his team gets the most out of what they can.


What makes STIWA Software different from other software companies in this field?

We don't have codemonkeys that just work through Jira tickets and then somehow work into a huge codebase without seeing what it all brings.

With us, you can see the fruits of your work at the interfaces to the customer and at the machine. From delivery, a STIWA machine gets better because we can improve performance and OEE with our software, our developers see that. They help to make these tools better, to help our machine operators and customers to produce faster, better products with less rejects and waste of resources.


We use many opensource projects in our stack, but we also give back to the community. Our developers can and should contribute to opensource projects and can also do meaningful work globally.


Who is STIWA?

STIWA Software is a team of 150 developers who have been working on fully integrated standardized processes in product and high performance automation for more than 25 years. Building on a centralized unified and transparent system structure that includes the benefits of the entire software system landscape- from engineering tools, PLC runtime systems to analysis/cloud.


Software is one of the three central business areas of the STIWA Group, along with Automation and Manufacturing. Therefore, the focus of our solutions is primarily on mechanical engineering, production as well as in building management or in the optimization of laboratory processes. The central framework gives us the opportunity to gradually expand to many other markets.


Thanks for the Interview!


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