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STIWA: Partner at FFG-research project Interactive

Artificial intelligence in the production of the future

The two-year research project Interactive wants to answer the question how to improve the quality of production with the help of artificial intelligence. STIWA works decisively on establishing the basics for a machine learning model, that is further developed and optimized by feedback of the user.


New and interactive learning methods

Goal of the project in the scope of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency is the research and development of new interactive learning methods that include humans in the machine learning process. “This way the comprehensibility and acceptance of statements is increased and at the same time the operator is given the possibility to change and develop the algorithms independently. Base for this is a customized processing of the most relevant data, as well as an intuitive and efficient illustration in the user interface to make feedback as easy as possible for the operator” explains data scientist Stefan Stricker, that is going to accompany this project decisively from the side of STIWA Group.

Machine learning model

The prototype developed in the scope of Interactive is based on data of two industrial application cases. It is essential here, that the data of the involved machines stays locally secured and only model data is joined in the algorithm according to Stricker: “This creates the foundation of establishing a common, robust machine learning model, that further develops and optimizes with the integration of various industrial applications.”


Own homepage informs about the project progress

The Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Siemens AG and the refrigerated cabinet and refrigeration technology provider Hauser GmbH are the partners in this research project, which is meant to last two years. An own website consistently inform about the project progress:

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