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In addition to exciting projects and internships, we provide free digital training equipment to students, and educational institutions such as higher technical colleges, universities of applied sciences, and universities with a focus on mechatronics, automation or similar disciplines in order to help develop expertise in innovative automation solutions. We aim to support the training process early on with by introducing real world experience, data sets, and development environments.

Simulation/ Virtualization

(virtual start-up of a machine)


The "Virtual Start-Up" exercise and training environment provides a realistic experience of the start-up process without the need for a physical automation machine. Integrated simulation modules which emulate the real behavior of a machine and its components such as hardware and controls systems (PLC)  are provided on a virtual level. Scenarios can be created, tested and compared easily, quickly and flexibly by different users.

A separate user licence is required to access this training environment.

Interested educational institutions are welcome to contact us.

DataScience AI Dataset

The two-year research project INTERACTIVE deals with the question of how production quality can be improved with artificial intelligence. You can find more information about the project here.

STIWA provides the FLADI data set (Federated Learning Dataset for Quality Inspection), a real-world use case for machine learning in the context of automation solutions.

The data set consists of 4281 samples grouped into four variants of the same product, with 138 features representing measurements such as position, force and moment of a single part, and one quality metric. Quality inspection results (0: failed, 1: passed) represent the target variables for this use case.

Access to the data set can be requested here.

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STIWA Educational Content

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