What is MRF?

What is MRF?


Magnetorheological fluid is a mixture of substances composed of a carrier fluid of oil or glycol and magnetizable iron particles. The iron particles contained in the fluid have a size of 1 and 10 micrometers. A human hair, by comparison, has a diameter of 50-70 micrometers.


Faster than a blink


When MRF is exposed to a magnetic field, the iron particles in the fluid merge and transform the MRF from a liquid into a semisolid material. The change takes place within less than 0.5 milliseconds, which is more than 200 times faster than a blink. As soon as the magnetic field is removed, the MRF returns to its liquid state.

Fully adjustable and
incredibly precise


The higher the magnetic field induced by an electric coil, the stronger the initiated chain formation of the MRF will be. If some basic stability is desired, this can be accomplished easily and efficiently by a selective combination of permanent magnets and electromagnets. This makes MRF the ideal technology for applications such as brakes, suspensions, and dampers.


Shortest reaction time


Within seconds, the resistance forces can be adapted reversibly and changed. Thus, there are completely new possibilities to influence the damping behavior in real time and to respond to changed ambient conditions.


Better safe than sorry


MRF actuators are fail-proof. Due to the use of valves, the setting last chosen is retained, even if the electronic system fails. Not so in case of conventional solutions.


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