Hapticore ®

Haptic feedback, software-controlled & in real time

The first rotary encoder in the world
with fully programmable haptic feedback

Haptic feedback, software-controlled, and in real time:

this is Hapticore®, the world’s first fully programmable haptic force feedback technology in man-machine interfaces - based on our MRF technology.


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Universally applicable


What distinguishes our products from other rotary encoders in the market is the unique possibility to generate every conceivable haptic feedback pattern by means of software.

Our products combine the flexibility of virtual controls with the tactile feedback of traditional encoders:

one single rotary wheel can produce an unlimited number of different tactile sensations - thus, we are able to create an input device with perfectly tailored haptic feedback patterns for each and every interaction in your user interface.


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An unlimited number of

haptic feedback patterns

Mechanical force feedback

no vibration, no motor

Change of haptic feedback

in real time

Hapticore ® technology


The core of the Hapticore ®technology is magnetorheological fluid (MRF).

By means of this technology we can generate a better haptic feel than with any other programmable haptic feedback device in the market.


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Perfect for your application


The flexibility and innovative power of our technology makes it ideal for all kinds of modern and intuitive user interfaces.


Customers of many industries are impressed:

Hapticore® rotary encoders can be applied in user interfaces of consumer electronics and computer peripherals, DJ and professional audio and light equipment, white goods, as well as medical devices, off highway vehicles, or also in industrial machinery, to name but a few examples.


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The function of Hapticore ®


Hapticore®push-turn actuators contain a chamber filled with MRF, rollers, and a coil. As long as the MRF is liquid, the rolls can turn without obstruction so that Hapticore®can rotate freely.

An electric current applied to the coil generates a magnetic field at the coil which changes the viscosity of the MRF, i.e. the latter becomes solid. As a result, the rotation of the rollers is stopped. By controlling the duration and strength of the current on the coil via the software, we produce our haptic force feedback patterns.

Thus, all feedback elements such as strength, the numbers and intervals of ticks, turning resistance, or the position of end stops can be freely customized.

This is how you can design perfectly customized haptic feedback patterns for each and every interaction in your user interface by means of only one device.


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Are you interested in integrating Hapticore®technology
into your product?


The distribution of our new Hapticore®is performed by our subsidiary XEELTECH .

It combines the innovative power of the research and development company INVENTUS with the industrialization know-how of STIWA Advanced Products. This expertise and premium production facilities allow us to turn ideas into innovative serial products.

Here you can take a look at serial products and directly order evaluation kits for your applications:




Would you like to add haptic feedback patterns to your devices?

Inquire now. Our customer integration team offers end-to-end support for your projects.


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