Smalox ®

The smallest, smartest, and most efficient
locking system in the world

The smallest, smartest, and most efficient
locking system in the world


In times of increasing digitalization, smart locking systems that replace the classic key via an app, for example, are more and more in demand.    

With Smalox®, STIWA has developed a locking system that is characterized by its smallest dimensions, silent locking, low weight, and maximum efficiency, and can also be operated smartly. It can be used in a wide variety of areas and demonstrates smart size in a small space - without the need for magnetic controls or electric motors.


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Modular, flexible
& fully programmable

They can be integrated
in existing & new applications and control systems

Higher security
due to integrated sensor technology & data connection

Higher energy efficiency
than conventional electric locking systems

Minimum installation space
allows use in completely new areas

no disturbing noises

Lightweight - 
use in areas where every gram counts

How does our
smart locking system work?


Building on the SMA technology, we use shape memory materials combined with smart kinematics to make locking systems simpler.

The SMA material - a nickel titanium alloy in wire form - is shortened by energizing it.

We complement these small movements with the use of perfectly matched mechanics to cover a wide range of electromechanical applications - including the smallest applications, especially in innovative locking systems.

What makes Smalox® “smart”?


STIWA Smalox® brings intelligence and a wide variety of further development options: Sensors, status queries, and safety feedback are integrated.

This makes it possible to check the status of interlocks in real time and take appropriate action in the event of faulty actuation. In addition, the flexible architecture enables rapid or simple connection and integration into new or existing systems.


This means that Smalox® can be used, for example, to link smart home solutions into fully intelligent overall systems.

  • Individual securing and authorization options (e.g. through freely programmable child locks, etc.)
  • Virtual twins through state-of-the-art sensor technology
  • Fully digital interfaces


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Maximum compactness


The flexible sizes of Smalox®  enable a wide range of applications; above all, the small installation space - starting at 5 millimetres thick - distinguishes our locking systems from conventional competitors.

This is made possible by the use of SMA technology instead of classic electromagnetic locking systems. This results in electromechanical assemblies in which mechanics and electronics can be mapped in the same size.

This allows possible applications in new areas for electromechanical solutions that were previously not feasible.

Application examples


The flexibility of our locking systems results in practical and safe applications of various types, with small installation space, low weight and no noise where the highest efficiency is required. These locking systems can be used in a wide range of industries and applications.


Windows, door locks, furniture, lockers,...


Bicycle and steering wheel locks; luggage locks


Stationary and mobile solutions from the transport box to medicine cabinets and large handover stations


Authorization systems


Urban air mobility


Valve controls, closing systems


Anti-theft devices, access systems, ...

About SMA


The use of Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) originates from the medical field and has been used there for many decades for a variety of applications, e.g. stents.

SMAs are special metals that change their shape or shorten when exposed to electricity-induced heat. When cooled, the material expands again and returns to its original shape.

It "remembers" its original shape, so to speak. Compared to piezo or magnetic actuators, shape memory alloys have a specific power density up to 1,000 times higher and a service life of 100,000 to several million cycles.

Stefan Gehmayr
Head of Sales & Marketing STIWA Advanced Products

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