From the idea to the innovative serial product

Technical lead through open innovation


This is the mindset we from STIWA Advanced Products pursue on a daily basis. What does that mean? To us, open innovation is more than a corporate culture:

We open our innovation processes to customers and partners, we forge technology alliances with start-ups, and we do research together with partner companies, research institutes, universities, and schools.

Due to the targeted integration of new concepts and expertise into the idea development process, we generate innovative serial products of tomorrow.


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Open innovation, to us, means

New ideas & impulses
for innovative products

Quick access
to creative minds & know-how of new technologies

developments, research cooperations, or co-creation

Quick implementation
of innovations

Joint strength


We see ourselves as innovation and development partner to generate and refine ideas together and produce them in series.

We are also open for partnerships with enterprises intending to implement their ideas in serial production, as well as for customers looking for solutions for product developments they want to launch on the market successfully.

Examples of
open innovation & cooperations

Hapticore ®

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Rheoshox ®

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Smalox ®

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Cross-industrial solutions


Due to our approach to developing cross-industrial basic products with industry-specific adaptations, we allow STIWA customers to benefit significantly from the economies of scale of sector-independent developments.

Therefore, cost-intensive developments and industrializations become attractive for a great number of applications which would have to do without this product innovation but for this overarching approach.

"In technological revolutions, no idea is unthinkable": On the way to disruptive technological solutions there is no time to think inside the box. Thinking outside o fit, we explore new possibilities in technology and develop exciting products with the potiential to change markets.

Christina Offenzeller
Product Innovation Lead
STIWA Advanced Products

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