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Workpiece carrier logistics solved across manufacturers with AMS ZPoint-CI Workpiece Data Storage

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When an assembly line is made by different manufacturers, or when multiple products or components are assembled on one line, many challenges arise. Data integration of all plant components or adaptive, item-specific production of products often results in unplanned additional costs.

Machine builders can actively reduce complexity and manufacturing costs. Control technology and PLC programming are supported by standardised, field-proven solutions for establishing communication between plant components, for manufacturer-independent workpiece carrier logistics or for reworking.

"With the new, standardised, manufacturer-independent control station functions, we can support our partners even better in implementing complex scenarios in a cost-effective manner. We achieve this by extracting more and more logic from the PLC programs. This allows us to reduce project-specific effort," says Stephan Kriener, Head of Development.

This is your benefit

Communication between plant components

  • Process progress checks
  • Consistency and back-up checks
  • Configurable infeed/outfeed chains without PLC code

Cross-manufacturer workpiece carrier logistics

  • Schedule with configuration and checks
  • Block list (blacklist) and allow list (whitelist)
  • Shoring trees and serial number checks
Mag. Alexander Meisinger, MSc

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