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Shopfloor Analytics and BI for sustainable increases in productivity

Optimization of the Shopfloor


Comprehensive analysis options guarantee transparent production over the entire life cycle of plants. Our solutions start with the mechanical engineering and the ramp-up phase, and enable not only a faster ramp-up, but also a continuous and sustainable increase in productivity – independing from the location.

Our goal – together with our customers – is production excellence in all areas including performance efficiency, availability, and quality. In addition to a variety of predefined analysis paths (via dashboards), editors are also available for designing your own views, dashboards, analysis paths, etc. built-in to our web-based products.

From machine operators to management, our customers always have their production process under control and know what they need to do tomorrow to maintain and further extend their competitive edge.


This is your benefit

Increase of Productivity & OEE

  • Clear presentation of the production (also historical; can be called up at any time)
  • Analysis paths take you from general KPIs (OEE) to detail (e.g. alarms) in just a few clicks
  • All roles work with the same interface and the same data (from management / production management to maintenance and machine operation)
  • Automatic report dispatching ensures that the right information gets to the right recipients at the right time
  • For special requirements, it is possible to integrate your own data / calculations into the analysis system and evaluate them together with the standard data


Quality increase & reduction of rejects

  • Connection of MDE/BDE (machine performance) with QDE (quality analysis)
  • Seamless transition from measured values to machine events (parameter changes, alarms, ...)
  • Connection of error causes to measured value progressions (e.g. detection of jumps and drifts)
  • Built-in trendviewer for measured values and detailed process curves


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Shortening of the ramp-up phase of new machines

  • All analyses are already available during mechanical engineering or machine ramp-up
  • The data quality for sustainable production is thus ensured from the beginning
  • Changes and their effects can be tacked immediately and precisely (improvements / worsening) = before and after comparisons
  • Unexpected effects of small changes on the entire machine become visible immediately
  • “Troubleshooting chains” are prevented. (New) problems are identified and can be eliminated in a targeted manner - or improvements “conserved”


AMS Analysis-CI: The BI and Analytics Tool for the Shopfloor


  • From top-level KIPs (OEE) to special details (individual events)
  • Detailed analyses for quality, rejects and measured values
  • Detailed analyses for cycle times, standstills and alarms

250+ prefabricated dashboards and reports

  • for all roles in the company (from machine operator to management)
  • Cross-machine for all machine, production, process and quality data
  • from OEE overview to daily Shopfloor dashboards


  • Full flexibility of analysis options
  • Direct jump from guided analysis paths to free analysis possible (deepening and further detailing)
  • Ad-hoc analysis for spontaneous evaluation of specific questions


  • Adaption of existing dashboards
  • Create your own dashboard (100% degree of freedom in compiling the data)
  • Creation directly in the live system possible (built-in Editor)

for regular analyses

  • Time-controlled report dispatching, e.g. daily shift report or weekly and monthly statistics
  • Event-driven report dispatching, e.g. automated analyses when a defined problem occurs
  • Integration of active dashboard into third-party systems possible


  • Integration of own algorithms via compute interface
  • Automatic and continuous linking with data from other sources
  • Information and data can be exported to customer systems at any time (e.g. QS Stat, APIs, etc.)

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