CONTROL - your production

Universal line control for diverse machine parks and reliable processes

Manufacturer-independent standardization,

Maximum process reliability


The STIWA control station software enables visualization and control of machines and systems independent of manufacturers or the control system behind them. Data driven decision making and data transparency at the production machine are our priority.

The modular and flexible control station – the cockpit for your machines and systems – offers solutions from order management to process control and type management. In doing so, we support functions such as a uniform and user-friendly user interface for reduced training and maintenance effort, SCADA functions, type changes without emptying the machines (flying setup), a virtual data pill for lossless management of parts and component data, and comprehensive recipe management with integrated type and release management.

Compatibility - Simple update
Central system AMS CI-Suite 1.25 compatible with local system 1.18

Updatable control station for all machines and production lines

  • Always up to date: Updatable and downward compatible central systems
  • Latest features on the central system can be used without updating the machine control station
  • Manufacturer and control system independent
  • Support for new operating systems


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Central and continuous recipe management

  • 100% traceability
    • Direct linking of recipe parameters to quality data
    • Documentation of recipe changes
    • Complete change history
  • Classification of the parameters with different levels of rights
  • Issuance of special releases in the event of changes to quality-relevant parameters
  • Central analysis options of the recipe changes


Recipe management
Central and continuous

Flying setup
Type change without running the machine empty

Fast setup & integration of new types

  • Cross-station setup
  • Creation of new types based on existing data/types
  • Defined and configured setup sequences
  • Support for emptying the entire machine


AMS ZPoint-CI: The control station for reliable processes


  • Waiting lists
  • Quantity control
  • Flying setup
  • Parallel orders
  • One Piece Order
  • Packaging information

→ Avoidance of operating errors thanks to an intelligent order management system


  • Bundling of all alarms of the machine or machine group
  • Initial error filtering
  • Active warnings
  • Report shipping
  • Passing on to operator information system
  • Logbook with alarm history

→ Faster troubleshooting


  • Type management
    • Versioning
    • Type comparison
    • Global assembly groups
    • Log book
  • Release management
    • Release status/special releases
    • Active notification
    • Documentation

→ Standardized management of type properties

Administration & documentation

  • Continuous operating concept
  • Central management
  • Digital log book of all processes
  • Local change preparation
  • Long-term compatibility (updates & feature extensions)
  • Shift change & history

→ Standardization across machines and manufacturers


  • Rework processing
  • Right first time
  • KI functionalities
  • Feeding in/out of parts
  • Access to process data
  • Documentation

→ Reduction of rejects


  • Blacklist/Whitelist
  • Adaptive Manufacturing
  • Central management
  • Component data
  • M2M Connection
  • Basis for rework scenarios

→ Safer processes and shorter cycle times

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