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Linking machines in base production or pre-assembly requires a different approach than the connection of highly complex, interlinked assembly lines with over 100 stations and countless PLCs. If OOE is required, basic machine and operating data is needed. Machine optimization, on the other hand, requires the capture of all micro downtime, as well as process and measurement curves.

For this we use standardized interfaces in the direction of OT / IT and rely on common industry standards such as OPC-UA, ProfiNet, etc.

In addition, we implement our proprietary MaCo interface which has proven itself in thousands of installations over the past ten yeas. Our Shopfloor data model ensures the processing of the collected data in the background and guarantees a meaningful visualization, optimization and control of your production.




The connection forms the basis for all further processes. Therefore, we define the type and level of detail of the connection together with our customers, depending on their needs. We support you with our in-depth industry know-how in order to find the optimal solution in terms of cost and benefit. For an efficient connection we rely on standardized connectors, which are developed further on a regular basis.


Cross-manufacturer and cross-controller connection via

  • STIWA MaCo
  • OPC-UA via popular Toolkit provider such as:
    • Matrikon OPC
    • Prosys
    • Softing
    • Unified Automation
    • OPC-UA Router
  • Siemens ProfiNet
  • ProfiBus
  • MQTT

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M2M Connector

  • Clear tracking of products even across several machines

  • Downstream equipment knows the exact values of the pre-productions

  • Subsequent processes can adjust to the quality of the preliminary products

  • Analysis across multiple machines possible

ERP / MES / CAQ Connector

Coupling to common ERP, MES and CAQ systems such as:

  • SAP
  • AP+
  • Q-DAS
  • Itac
  • Industry Informatics
  • Mpdv
  • Bosch Nexeed
  • Etc.

Further data

Integration of further information relevant to production from data sources such as

  • Saving cloud
  • Data bases
  • Quality laboratories
  • CSV data and excel documents

Data Collection


Data Collection with STIWA forms the basis for visualization, optimization and control of your production across all machines. Our experience of over 30 years on the Shopfloor makes the difference: We understand data and how to use it to achieve desired results.

Alarm data acquisition

  • Fault diagnosis down to the lowest levels
  • Accurate output of source and times
  • Clear identification of the alarm
  • Linking to resulting standstills

MDA/PDA - Machineandproduction data acquisition

  • Key figures (KPIs) as well as:
    • OEE Overall Equipment Efficency
    • TEEP - Total Effective Equipment Performance
    • EU Equipment Utilisation
    • Availability, performance efficiency, quality rate
  • Standstill analysis
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Rejects analysis

QDA - Quality data recording / batch data recording

  • Long-term statistics of measured values and quality data
  • Quality comparisons including feeding parts from upstream production steps
  • Serial number reporting
  • Batch tree

PDA - Process data acquisition

  • Visualization, comparison and optimization of process values and curves of all kinds
  • Acquisition, recording and storage of configured process values
  • Monitoring of tolerance and control limits and triggering of messages as well as alarms
  • Linking of additional data such as camera images, acoustic data, etc.
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Meisel
Head of Division Sales and Product Management STIWA Software

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