Generic OPC-UA Adapter

Why interface standardisation is important 

Generic OPC-UA Adapter


The generic OPC UA adapter is an OPC UA server. Typical data transfers between STIWA ZPoint and customer systems are possible with this service.


The Problem

  • Accessing aggregated data can be a challenge for external development organisations. It is both time consuming and costly.
  • Customised solutions often require complex implementation paths and, if not implemented properly, risk system failure and data loss.
  • This can significantly impact the intended decision support or information delivery.
  • It is therefore vital that these implementations are carried out with care and in accordance with existing standards to ensure data integrity and availability.

The Solution

  • A standardised, open interface with a standardised protocol should facilitate access to aggregated data in the future and significantly reduce risks.
  • The data provided via the interface will create additional degrees of freedom for customer applications.



Service specifications

  • Communication is via OPC UA. The adapter consists of an OPC UA server that enables customer-side communication via OPC UA clients.
  • SCADA information is used to create the address space data structure, which is configured via FIT and the properties of the adapter.
  • The configurable properties allow the functionality of the adapter to be customised (enabling and disabling parts of the address space). The adapter changes the address space accordingly when the FIT configuration changes.
  • Data transmission for certain areas of the address space can be protected against data loss using handshakes. (e.g.: measurement data)



  • Create new jobs for machines
  • Define recipe data parameters for machines
  • Production and quality data with measured values (batch data) and other module-specific flags
  • Order counter
  • Data on:
    • Downtimes, operating conditions, current shift data and counters
    • Alarms, module cycle times
  • Available from version 1.27



Mag. Alexander Meisinger, MSc

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