Efficient processes for the best possible part production

Quickly identify and analyse errors


Stable and safe production processes are essential for economic success in mass production. The quality rate increases with the identification and analysis of deviations and errors and the rapid implementation of appropriate improvement measures. As part of a holistic improvement culture, series manufacturers can minimise their production costs.

A production process should be predictable. Failures and errors do happen, but they should be systematically reduced. With the new Trendviewer feature of AMS Analysis-CI, deviations and errors can be identified and appropriate improvement actions can be initiated.


This is your benefit

Stable and safe production processes

  • Systematic analysis of process technology, quality and metrics
  • Gain valuable information about the production process
  • Sift through the original values of each characteristic
  • Detect outliers and position changes


Analysis of deviations and errors

  • Practical experience has shown that AMS Analysis-CI with the Trendviewer can detect process fluctuations, limit violations and outliers in assembly and help find solutions.
  • Unstable processes during start-up and production are a thing of the past.
  • Rejects are reduced to a minimum and profitability is increased.


Mag. Alexander Meisinger, MSc

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