Transparency and secure decisions in your Shopfloor

Production status - transparent, location independent & proactively informed


Intelligent monitoring in the production assures transparent visualization of the current production status and means knowing at all times what is happening in the production process, where, how and why. Our solutions enable location-independent access to real-time data, a proactive notification system informs simultaneously active for messages and occurring malfunctions at machines. This way you can react promptly to every eventy.

This is your benefit

Andon Board 
Visualization of current production status 

of current production status

  • Visualization of product information in all manufacturing plants
  • Continuous information update with timing adjustment
  • Display and integration of data from multiple machines
  • Prefabricated standard dashboards with customer specific adjustments
  • WEB contents integrable in dashboard

of the production processes


  • Machine monitoring (cycle times, rejects and standstills)
  • Alarm and fault diagnosis
  • Process monitoring and visualization of gradients
  • Flexible dashboards (local and central creation possible)
  • Manual data input (e.g. shift change, order change)

Shopfloor Terminal
Access to production data directly on the machine

Shopfloor Monitor 
Web based access to production data 

Machine and quality status
available at any time


  • Clear display of halls or plant layouts with current machine status
  • Detailed display of product information from the plant level to machine details
  • Production overview available always and everywhere on all technical devices
  • Prefabricated dashboards for rapid start-up that can always be customized according to the customer
  • Connection of internal and external systems possible
  • Detail key figures accessible at any time for quick isolation of causes and failures

Active notification
for shortest response times


The operation of multiple machines is possible due to constant supervision at the wrist:

  • Active and targeted notifications to improve the production process
  • Proactive avoidance of machine standstills
  • Clear status and error messages


Data handling was optimized for complex machines and large production plants:

  • Prioritization and flexible filtering of messages
  • Simple selection of various operating scenarios directly at the Smartwatch

Alerts in real time

Benjamin Rester, BA
Head of Business Development STIWA Software

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